Las Mañanitas, an unforgettable experience.

Las Mañanitas Hotel, Garden, Restaurant & Spa is an organization dedicated to excellence in customer experience management and innovation, providing comprehensive services related to lodging and food/beverages through a sustainable model that effectively contributes to creating value for its shareholders, customers, and employees. We maintain a strong commitment to the environment and society, guided by sustainable development objectives


  • Commitment to customers: Our customers come first in everything we do; they will always be our point of reference. We are committed to making each visit a personalized, unique, and unparalleled experience. That is why each one of our policies and procedures respects their rights as consumers, using transparency as a fundamental principle.
  • Trust and respect: We work together to create a culture based on trust and respect for human life and its diversity, implementing inclusion within our workplace (employment inclusion policy).
  • Achievement and contribution: We strive to develop a sense of belonging, ensuring that every person is essential and key to achieving success.


    Backed by 65 years of service, one of our characteristics is being creative in implementing changes in processes to enhance our customer experience, positioning ourselves as a classic/modern within the tourism sector.


  • Sustainable Hospitality: We are committed to practices that allow us to reduce waste and promote recycling, supporting environmental conservation and the reduction of carbon footprint.
  • S Distinctive
  • Energy Savings Program: We implement environmental practices that enable us to save water, gas, and electricity, reducing our impacts on the environment, thanks to the invaluable commitment of our hosts and inventories.
  • Species Conservation: We conserve and care for gardens, serving as a reserve for specific species and providing them with a safe habitat (SEMARNAT agreement).


  • Employment Source: We contribute assertively to society by supporting "decent work and economic growth" as a source of employment for people from nearby neighborhoods.
  • Local Consumption: We contribute to the goal of "sustainable cities and communities" by maintaining commercial relationships with local producers, promoting the development of local projects.
  • Corporate Volunteering: The commitment of our hosts to corporate volunteering through “Fundación Mañanitas” has facilitated contributions to specific communities through social projects.


    One of our objectives as a socially responsible company is to promote social, economic, and environmental goals. We create quality spaces for each of our hosts under our tagline "excellent treatment for a unique host," developing initiatives that contribute to improving the quality of life.

    Corporate Code of Ethics
    Acting and living with integrity and humility should be the strongest pillar for Las Mañanitas hosts. We work permanently to promote a workplace environment in which all our employees recognize and take ownership of the values that represent us as a company, so they are the ones who take them to their daily actions.

    No to Child Labor
    At Las Mañanitas Hotel, Garden, Restaurant & Spa, we have zero tolerance for child labor. The minimum age for employment in our company is 18 years old.