Las Mañanitas: an unforgettable experience.


The foundation of our success lies in the expertise of our hosts; we foster growth through strong leadership.

Our organizational culture is not solely centered on attaining excellence and boosting productivity; it also prioritizes the growth and professional development of our hosts. The synergy between our corporate values and service-oriented ethos provides us with a competitive advantage.

"Being part of Mañanitas means being part of culture, tradition and history"


We create exceptional luxury and comfort experiences through personalized and high-quality service to maintain our status as an icon of hospitality and gastronomy at both national and international levels.


Foster the professional development of each member of the team.
Generate loyalty in our customers to continue being part of experiences in their lives.

Acting and living with integrity and humility should be the strongest pillar of those who work at Las Mañanitas. That's why we guide our actions based on the following corporate values.



The magic of Las Mañanitas


Quality is a value within the essence of Las Mañanitas, that is why we are committed to put the best of each one of us in every work process, fulfilling the expectations and goals of customers and partners to be a sustainable company in the profitable, social, and environmental part.


Working to inspire others with tenacity and excellence, leaving a memorable mark in the lives of each of our clients, we will be able to create from a single moment a unique and unrepeatable experience.


We are committed towards innovation and creativity for the improvement of our processes and work systems to offer unique products and services in the market that contribute reducing the impact on the environment while adhering to our principles of sustainability.


We respect human diversity and encourage each member of the team to have respect for themselves, while also valuing respect for the differences, creating spaces where they feel safe and happy.


Weaving together and coordinating independent and distinct elements that prove to be complementary to each other in a respectful and orderly manner, generating something beautiful and powerful that surpasses the sum of the individual value of the parts, supported by respect, inclusion, empathy, and humility from those who make up the team. Harmony is a key factor in all actions aimed at generating economic and social value.


Being true to oneself, avoiding saying a thing and doing another, fulfilling our promises and commitments to be a role model for others. Our motto will be to act well to live with integrity.


We provide an exclusive training and development program for our hosts where we work hand in hand to create professionalization in the art of service, adopting the philosophy of "Excellent treatment for a unique host." Our career development plan focuses on creating happy, satisfied, and highly trained individuals capable of providing excellent service.