Las Mañanitas, an unforgettable experience.

Las Mañanitas

Considered one of the 25 Best Restaurants in the World in the "Demitasse Cup Collection" by Franklin Mint. Recognized by DiRoNa as "Distinguished Restaurants of North America" since 1993 and awarded with 4 diamonds by the AAA; Las Mañanitas, is one of the most recognized mexican hotels and restaurants worldwide since its foundation in 1955.


Las Mañanitas, one of the most renowned Mexican hotels and restaurants in the world, began its history with the dream of a young lawyer from Newport, Oregon: Robert L. Krause. Although he had a doctorate in jurisprudence and practiced law in the legal department of Bank of America in San Francisco, no one could get his dream of creating a hotel and restaurant out of his mind.

In 1955, during a trip to Mexico, he visited Cuernavaca. At that time there was a large colony of North Americans in Cuernavaca, and it was known as "the city of eternal spring". Knowing that it was fashionable for the international jet set, he decided to pursue his dream in Mexico.

Although he did not speak spanish well, this did not prevent him from pursuing his dream in Cuernavaca. He found a house for rent, which he later purchased and named "Casa de Las Mañanitas". Bob arranged the property by designing a magnificent garden that is still preserved to this day and is one of its distinguishing features along with its exotic birds that roam freely.

With 5 rooms for lodging and a 5-table restaurant, on November 19, 1955, Bob sat down to wait for his first customer to arrive.


From the very beginning, our founder Robert L. Krause and his wife Margot showed a special sensitivity for cooking. They were determined to respect the originality of the recipes they collected from their travels, from family, friends and from the chefs who collaborated with them. This concern for preserving authentic recipes has been a fundamental part of the heart of Las Mañanitas.

Contrasts have always been part of Las Mañanitas. Anyone who has visited the restaurant knows about our famous Black Buttom Pie or the unbeatable Banana Cream Pie. To this day, the original Ethel Krause turkey recipe is still served at Thanksgiving.

The contributions made from the very beginning by the founding chef Manuel Quinto Bahena, such as the Mañanitas Duck, the Pepper Steak and the famous Tortilla Soup, cannot be left out.

All these creations are considered a very important part of the success of Las Mañanitas, which has one of the most extensive and complete menus in Mexico with 140 dishes.


If there is something that distinguishes Las Mañanitas, apart from its gastronomy, it is its peculiar gardens. Robert Krause was inspired to design his enormous garden by the Japanese landscapes he admired on one of his trips to that country. He also hired the advice of the great landscape designers of Casa Matsumoto.

The gardens of Las Mañanitas have been recognized as the best gardens of 2007 by Relais & Chateaux.


Hotel Las Mañanitas is distinguished by hosting various works of art, a result of Robert Krause's close friendship with several visual artists. Therefore, visitors can appreciate works by Francisco Zúñiga, Horacio Rentería, Alfredo Salce, Guerrero Galván, Carlos Mérida, Ghunter Gerzo, Leonardo Nierman, José Luis Cuevas, among others.